My Momma Says Obama A documentary film as we stand at the threshold of our American dream


September 2009 - Palling Around with Bill Ayers;

I had the honor to interview Bill Ayers.  Bill and I were delighted to be joined by a Born-Again, Libertarian, Ex-Marine, Med-school student on his way to a poetry class who, only after debating health care, stem-cells, and his fears of socialism, recognized that he was, in fact, “Palling’ Around” with non-other than Bill Ayers. Not only did he allow us to tape him at length, but also he brought such ease to the setting that I forgot there were cameras taping us. Bill helped me recognize (in what seemed like a therapy session) that some of my underlying motivation in developing “My Momma Says Obama” is the feeling that I remember having towards my(extremely wealthy, extremely republican) father as he walked out of my hospital room years ago, when I asked for help with the medical bill. That story exemplifies not only the Republican sentiments towards the issue of health care but towards the American public in general.

I truly believe in what Norman Mailer said in an interview with Martin Amis, “America is like a battered wife,” however I feel that our generation could be considered the ‘battered children’ who have grown up unwilling to trust a greater power.

Senator Kennedy, and universal health care;

Juggling my family and my film has been so stressful, and has taken its toll on my health. I developed a more personal angle on the health care debate back in 2009, when I got Shingles and was fortunate to be able to talk to my doctor immediately. He said treatment should begin within 72 hours from the onset, but my heart goes out to other less fortunate Americans who don't have access to health care. Apparently President Obama made Senator Kennedy a promise to work hard for universal health care. When I think of the pain I have made tolerable because I was able to see my doctor immediately I feel lucky but perversely guilty because as Kennedy said "Health care should be a right, not a privilege".
Tom & Jerry

The issue of Heath Care had been on my mind as I grieved the loss of Senator "Teddy" Kennedy. My boy Charlie loves to watch Tom & Jerry, and as it reminds me of my childhood, I don’t mind sitting with him and watching my favorite cat and mouse run across the screen. One episode in particular held my attention the other day as i was thinking of Teddy Kennedy's dream for health care. An egg rolls across the screen and out pops arms and legs. Tom, unaware, sits upon said egg and cracks it, hatching a little duck. The little duckling believes that Tom, a large Grey cat, is indeed his mother and follows him around. Tom attempts to cook the little duckling for dinner, first stuffing him with food then placing him on a roaster. The unassuming duck thinks that “mommy” is taking care of him and simply setting up a bed. Jerry, always the hero, rescues, time and again, the little duckling from the oven to only have the duck run back to its’ murderous “mommy”. The duck repeatedly praises his Tom saying, “mommy will save me, mommy loves me.” Though it seems silly to compare voters and political parties to a cartoon, no model has held so true as this episode of Tom & Jerry. While the Democrats (Jerry) attempt to provide health care and safety for the needy, many citizens are unknowingly putting themselves in a harmful situation by follow the Republicans (Tom), believing, wrongly, that their “mommy” will take care of them. I thank God for lions like Sen. Teddy Kennedy to scare away the Tom cats.
Senator Kennedy's speech;

"And may it be said that we kept the faith. May it be said that we found our faith again. And may it be said of us, both in dark passages and in bright days, in the words of Tennyson that my brothers quoted and loved, and that have special meaning for me now: I am a part of all that I have met....Tho much is taken, much abides. That which we are, we are-- One equal temper of heroic hearts, Strong in will To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield. For all those whose cares have been our concern, the work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives, and the dream shall never die".

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