My Momma Says Obama A documentary film as we stand at the threshold of our American dream


The Last American Dream

‘The Last American Dream’ is a groundbreaking, original, modern day, Wes Anderson-styled “All in the Family’ episodic TV series, that’s unapologetically anti-Trump, while at the same time helping to heal our political divisions.

In this Dramedy, Parallel Father-Daughter story, Ladies man “Carwash Charlie”, a “Reaganite” Republican, Don Draper, mesmerizing self-made ʻMad Manʼ has a mental breakdown and rebelliously dons a Superman suit after his Rolls-Royce dealership is taken away, while 30 years later, his devoted, grown liberal daughter struggles to save their American Dream while making a documentary film My Momma Say Obama, about activism. Despite being betrayed and abandoned by her opportunist mentor, she lands interviews with many influential activists. When her intellectual property is stolen, she fights back like her superhero dad and spins into Wonder Woman.

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